How to Get a Brahmin in Fallout 4

Welcome to the world of Fallout 4! It’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland where survival is crucial. Settlers depend on every asset they can get, including Brahmins. These two-headed mutated cattle are very useful for settlements and caravans.

Getting Brahmins in Fallout 4 needs smart thinking. By getting them to your places, you get meat, milk, hide, and help with work. These are essential for making your settlements grow and thrive.

The way to get Brahmins in your settlements is not hard. Just build feed troughs for them. This keeps them around and makes their goods available. You can also use them to connect settlements. Another key use is in making fertilizer. This helps your crops a lot and makes your settlement more productive.

Brahmins are all over the Commonwealth and even in Nuka-World. They come in different types, like the Brahmin and Pack Brahmin. You can tell them apart easily. They offer a lot to your settlements.

If you’re keen to get Brahmins in Fallout 4 and see what they can do, keep reading. We’ll cover the best ways and places to find them.

The Role of Brahmins in Fallout 4 Settlements

In Fallout 4, Brahmins have an essential role in keeping settlements running. These two-headed cows help settlements work better. They are important for making sure the community thrives and lasts. By using Brahmins well, players can manage their resources better. This leads to more success in running the settlement.

Brahmins play a big part in making more food in settlements. They offer meat, milk, and hide, so there’s always food around. They can also make fertilizer that helps plants grow and is used for crafting. This makes farming better and helps settlements produce more stuff.

Brahmins can also join caravans to make trade between settlements easier. This helps share resources, so everyone can do well together. By sending settlers with Brahmin caravans, players ensure important items reach every part of their settlement network.

Players can build feed troughs to bring Brahmins to their settlements. These troughs make Brahmins come over. But, sometimes, these cows might get in the way and block paths. Even with this small issue, the good from having Brahmins is much more than any trouble they cause.

“Brahmins are key in Fallout 4 settlements. They provide food, fertilizer, and help with trading, making settlements more productive. By using them well, players can build settlements that do well in the tough post-apocalyptic setting.”

– Fallout Settlement Strategies

Besides Brahmins players can use, there are others owned by travelling traders. Brahmins like Idiot, Clarabell, Spot, and Ol’ Girl wander around the wasteland. They are examples of the bond between people and animals in a world hit by nuclear war.

Take a look at this image that shows the special bond between humans and Brahmins:

Fallout 4 Brahmin Variants

Brahmin Variants Description
Brahmin A regular two-headed Brahmin commonly found in the Commonwealth and Nuka-World. Provides essential resources for settlements.
Pack Brahmin Travelling merchants are often accompanied by pack Brahmins. These multipurpose Brahmins offer additional carrying capacity during trade expeditions.

Knowing about Brahmins in Fallout 4 is important for making strong communities. They help with food, provide fertilizer, and aid with trade. This makes them key for settlements that can deal with the post-apocalyptic world. Using Brahmins well, players can make settlements that thrive, despite the challenges.

Obtaining Brahmins in Fallout 4

Getting Brahmins in Fallout 4 is key for great settlements and rich resources. To draw these creatures, build feed troughs in your places. These troughs will lure the Brahmins, as they will stay near to give you useful resources. Make sure to place the troughs in spots that are easy to reach for them.

“Setting up feed troughs is a game-changer. Brahmins flock to them, and before you know it, you’ll have a bustling settlement full of these valuable creatures.” – Fallout 4 Survivor

If you make feed troughs, Brahmins are more likely to come. Having Brahmins around helps your settlement a lot. They bring steady supplies of important stuff.

Finding Brahmins in the Wasteland

You can also find Brahmins out in the wild. A special place is a small island not far from Saugus Ironworks. It’s north of Finch Farm. There, you’ll find a group of four Brahmins.

Keep an eye out near Starlight Drive-In too. Wild Brahmins can be seen here. Catching and bringing them to your settlement is very useful.

Trading with wandering traders is another way to get Brahmins. These traders often travel with Brahmins. By working with them, you can make your settlements more prosperous.

Adding a Personal Touch: Purchasing Brahmins

Want an easier way to get Brahmins? Buy Kelly the Brahmin for 100 caps. With Kelly, you can improve the productivity of a settlement of your choice.

Method Location Comments
Building Feed Troughs Settlements An effective method to attract Brahmins
Small Island South of Saugus Ironworks, North of Finch Farm Home to a pack of four Brahmins
Eastern Vicinity of Starlight Drive-In Wasteland Chance of encountering wild Brahmins
Traveling Merchants Commonwealth Opportunity to establish trade routes
Purchasing Brahmin (Kelly) Can be bought for 100 caps


Brahmins are key in Fallout 4 settlements. They offer food, fertilizer, and even supply lines. Players see big gains in productivity and resource use by adding Brahmins to their settlements.

To get Brahmins, players need to make feed troughs. They should also look around the Commonwealth. Brahmins might come with merchants or players can buy one from Kelly for a specific settlement.

Once Brahmins are in settlements, they make a big difference. They boost food production and provide valuable fertilizer. This helps with growing crops and crafting. Brahmins also set up supply lines between settlements for sharing resources.

Following the steps in this Fallout 4 Brahmin Guide helps players get Brahmins. They can then enjoy better settlement life thanks to these amazing creatures. Now, go and see how Brahmins can brighten your Fallout 4 settlements!


How can I obtain Brahmins in Fallout 4?

To get Brahmins in Fallout 4, you need to build feed troughs in your settlements. This will attract them. Brahmin may show up at your settlements randomly. They like places with feed troughs.

Brahmins are also found on a small island between Saugus Ironworks and Finch Farm. You might see some wild ones near Starlight Drive-In. When you see traveling merchants, they usually have Brahmins with them. Players can even buy a Brahmin named Kelly for 100 caps. Then you can pick where it goes.

What role do Brahmins play in Fallout 4 settlements?

Brahmins are key in Fallout 4 settlements. They help boost food production. Plus, they provide fertilizer for crops and crafting.

You can make a supply line with settlers and your Brahmin. This links your settlements together.

How can I attract Brahmins to my settlements?

To bring Brahmins to your settlements, set up feed troughs. They will be drawn to the feed troughs. This means you will always have some around for what you need.

Where can I find Brahmins in Fallout 4?

You can spot Brahmins all over the Commonwealth. Look for a group of four on an island between Saugus Ironworks and Finch Farm. You might see wild ones near Starlight Drive-In. When merchants travel, they often have Brahmins too.

If you’re looking and have the caps, you can buy Kelly. She costs 100 caps and you can choose her destination.

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