Fallout 4 Melee Build Starting Stats

Welcome to the wasteland. Here, strength and a sharp mind in melee combat are everything. In Fallout 4, a tough melee build is key to overcoming the game’s hurdles. To boost your character’s power and rule the post-apocalyptic land, how you choose your starting stats is vital. These are your SPECIAL stats: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. They will unlock the way to expert melee.

In the harsh, up-close fighting, each hit with your weapon counts. This makes choosing the right start stats critical. By placing points wisely, you will make your melee character stronger. This, in turn, will lift your chances of survival in the dangerous wasteland.

For a melee master journey, know the importance of each SPECIAL stat first. Strength is your base. It makes your melee attacks stronger and lets you carry more. Perception sharpens your senses, helping you see enemies and challenges better. Endurance keeps you hale and hearty, boosting your health and stamina.

Charisma, Intelligence, and Perception offer special benefits to melee fighters. Charisma makes you more convincing in talks, unlocking new options and friendships. Intelligence earns you more skill points, helping you grow quicker. Agility makes you stealthier and gives you more VATS action points, which helps in showdowns. And Luck gives you better chance of strong hits and faster critical hits.

Now, it’s time to start your path to melee greatness. Concentrate on choosing the best stats and skills. This will make you unbeatable in the wasteland. In the next bit, we will guide you on picking the ideal SPECIAL stats for your melee character. Get set to show your warrior prowess!

Choosing the Right SPECIAL Stats for a Melee Build

Starting a melee build in Fallout 4 needs thought. Focusing on certain SPECIAL stats ensures you’re ready for up-close fights. With the right choices, you can craft a melee warrior ready for any challenge in the wasteland.

Strength is the most important. It boosts your melee damage and how much you can carry. This lets you take more gear and be a powerhouse in fights.

Don’t forget Perception and Endurance. Perception helps you spot enemies and traps. Endurance makes you tougher, increasing your health and reducing damage. Both are key for staying alive and effective in battle.

Charisma, Intelligence, and Perception are beneficial too. Charisma helps in conversations, Intelligence earns extra XP, and Perception aids with ranged weapons. These can be handy for different situations you might face.

Agility is essential but often missed. It makes you better at sneaking and gives more action points in VATS. This means you can pull off strong melee hits when needed most.

Finally, Luck is key for critical hits and damage. High Luck boosts your chances for these critical hits. This can make your melee blows much more powerful and help you win fights.

Choosing the Right SPECIAL Stats:

SPECIAL Stat Benefits for a Melee Build
Strength Increases melee damage and carrying capacity
Perception Enhances environmental awareness
Endurance Improves physical fitness and overall resistance to damage
Charisma Provides better persuasion options in dialogues
Intelligence Grants additional experience points
Agility Affects sneaking ability and action points in VATS
Luck Influences critical damage and the recharge rate of critical hits

Best Perks for a Melee Build in Fallout 4

It’s important to pick the best perks for a melee build in Fallout 4. The right perks boost your melee damage and let you do sneak attacks. With these, you’ll rule the wasteland.

Big Leagues is a key perk for melee builds. It boosts your melee damage a lot. As you level it up, you’ll hit harder, making it vital for any melee warrior.

Looking to stand ground and hit hard? Rooted is your friend. It enhances your damage and defence when you stop moving. For a more solid defence, especially during combat, it’s a go-to pick.

Blitz is perfect for quick melee fighters. It lets you leap to foes with VATS, no matter the distance. With this perk, speedy melee attacks become your signature move.

For a stealthy fighter, grab the Ninja perk. It boosts your sneak attack damage by a lot. Level it up, and your hidden blows will be deadly, striking fear in anyone.

Don’t forget other useful perks. Blacksmith helps you upgrade weapons for more damage. Lone Wanderer makes you stronger when you travel alone. With the Armorer perk, your armor gets better, keeping you safer up close. And Grim Reaper’s Sprint lets you keep attacking by refreshing your action points after each sneak kill.

Picking the right perks is key for a good melee build. Choose perks that boost your damage and support how you like to play. This way, your melee character will dominate the wasteland.


To make a melee build work well in Fallout 4, think carefully about your starting stats and perks. Boost your strength, agility, and endurance for more melee damage and sneak attacks. The perfect mix of SPECIAL stats and perks can make you a strong melee fighter.

Trying out various builds and ways to play can make Fallout 4 more fun. You might like using a powerful Super Sledge or a swift Katana. In this game, you lead the way in battles, using your melee skills to crush your foes.

It’s important to have a plan. Choose your character’s growth path smartly, use your perk points well, and change how you play when needed. The excitement of fighting up close and defeating enemies is a great feeling. So, dive into the game, create your melee warrior, and become the top survivor in Fallout 4’s harsh world.


What are the essential starting stats for a melee build in Fallout 4?

For a melee build in Fallout 4, you need high scores in Strength, Perception, and more.

How does Strength affect a melee build?

Strength boosts how hard you hit with melee weapons. It also lets you carry more.

Are Perception and Endurance important for a melee build?

Yes. Perception helps you spot dangers, while Endurance keeps you healthy. These are both good for a melee fighter.

Are Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck important for a melee build?

Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck also help. They improve talking skills and luck in fights.

How does Agility impact a melee build?

Agility means you sneak better and have more combat moves in VATS. It’s key for melee fighters.

What is the role of Luck in a melee build?

Luck boosts how much critical damage you do and how fast you recharge hits. It’s great for melee combat.

What are the best perks for a melee build in Fallout 4?

The top perks for a melee fighter are Big Leagues, Blitz, and more. These give you a big edge in combat.

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