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Welcome to the world of Fallout 4. Here, aluminum is very important for crafting. Whether you’re building weapons, armour, or settlements, you need aluminum. It can make your creations much better. In this article, we’ll show you where to find aluminum vendors in the game.

Start your hunt for aluminum by exploring the game’s various locations. Different places have lots of aluminum. Look in places like the fishery, vault 95, and the institute. You can find many things you can use.

You can also find aluminum in industrial areas and gas stations. Look for aluminum gas cans. They are a great source of this metal. Keep your eyes open during your journey.

Getting the scrapper perk helps a lot. It lets you get more aluminum from weapons and armour. This way, you can gather even more aluminum for your crafting.

To help you imagine these places, here’s a stunning image from the game:

Now, with your new knowledge and trusty pip-boy, go on your adventure. Find the metal merchants. They will give you the aluminum you need. With their aid, you can make great things and overcome tough challenges.

Major Merchants in Fallout 4

Fallout 4’s major settlements are rich with aluminum vendors. These places thrive with merchants offering all you need, including sought-after aluminum. They are prime spots to gather resources.

Diamond City shines as a top choice, set in Fenway Park’s ruins. There, Arturo Rodriguez sells aluminum in sets of 50, great for crafting. His shop is a must-visit for your material needs.

Bunker Hill, a bustling trade post, is another top pick. Here, caravans and merchants gather, trading from far and wide. While what’s for sale changes, many sell aluminum, perfect for your projects.

In Far Harbor, exploring the town market connects you with aluminum, among other items. Mitch, once a fisherman, is now a key trader. Visiting his stand can get you the aluminum you’re after.

“The major settlements of Fallout 4 serve as the backbone of the game’s economy. From local traders to wandering caravans, these merchants provide a lifeline to crucial resources like aluminum, ensuring players can continue their crafting journey.”

The availability of resources changes in these major markets. They also have a set number of caps for trade, affecting how much aluminum you can buy. But, by managing your resources wisely, a good stock of aluminum is within reach.

Looking to broaden opportunities, Fallout 4’s Local Leader perk is a game changer. It lets players set up stores in their settlements, drawing in merchants. This new method of commerce brings more aluminum and resources to you, making your settlement a key trading post.

Settlement Merchant Aluminum Availability
Diamond City Arturo Rodriguez Shipment of 50 units
Bunker Hill Various Merchants Available among trading goods
Far Harbor Mitch Obtainable through trading

The Importance of Major Merchants

The major merchants are key in Fallout 4 for aluminum and crafting materials. They help enrich the game’s world-building. Interacting with them makes the game more immersive, with chances for trade and making connections.

With the details on Fallout 4’s major merchants, players are ready for their aluminum quests. They can now enjoy exploring the vibrant, post-apocalyptic Boston.

Settlement Merchants and Unique Settlement Merchants

In Fallout 4, players get the chance to create their own shops in their settlements. This lets them trade different goods, like aluminium. You can assign different settlers to various types of stores, like general or weapons.

There are also special merchants, called “level 4” or “tier 4” merchants. When placed in certain stores, they sell top-notch items, like legendary armour.

“Having settlement merchants in Fallout 4 adds a new level of immersion and gameplay customization,” says Bethesda Game Studios, the game’s creator. “Players can create bustling marketplaces within their settlements, where they can trade resources, find unique items, and truly make their mark on the wasteland.”

To make a merchant in your settlement, you first need to build an appropriate store. This could be something like a Trading Emporium. After that, choose a settler with good charisma to run it.

The settler should also be ready to defend the store. They need the right clothes and weapons. This way, they do well in their store and attract more customers.

To get a special merchant, you need to meet certain conditions. For instance, to recruit “Ron Staples,” you must have 20 settlers and finish a specific quest. Doing quests and growing your settlement gives you access to more special merchants.

Settlement Merchant Specializations

Merchants in settlements focus on different things. Here’s what they can specialise in:

  • General Stores have everything from aluminium to weapons and crafting supplies.
  • Clothing Stores offer unique outfits and accessories for a stylish wasteland look.
  • Weapon Stores sell guns, ammo, and melee weapons for your safety.

By managing your merchants well, you can get the resources you need, like aluminium. This also helps your settlement grow. More settlers will come to your thriving community.

Settlement Merchant Specialization Unique Items
Percy General Shipment of Aluminum (25 units), Junk items, Fusion Cores
Betty Hutton Clothing Unique outfits, hats, and accessories
Polly Weapon Legendary weapons, ammunition, and mod attachments

These examples show you the variety of merchants available in Fallout 4. Each settlement has its own unique traders. This makes it exciting to explore and expand your settlements for better trading. With a developed marketplace and skilled merchants, you can live the entrepreneur life in this post-apocalyptic world.


Aluminum is very important in Fallout 4. You need it for making things and upgrading items. To make sure you always have enough aluminum, finding the right vendors is key. Exploring different places and talking to big sellers helps you get what you need.

Looking for places like the fishery and vault 95 is a good start. The institute also has plenty of aluminum things. Don’t forget to check industrial areas and gas stations for aluminum gas cans. Big settlements like Diamond City and Far Harbor have sellers offering different amounts of aluminum.

It’s also smart to choose the scrapper perk. This lets you get more aluminum from enemy weapons and armor. Setting up your own sellers in your settlements also helps. You can have different kinds of stores, like general, clothing, or weapons, to help with your crafting.

Finding aluminum, whether from scavenging or buying, is a must in Fallout 4. Knowing where and how to find it is half the battle. So, learn about the places to get aluminum and make your crafting smoother. With the right resources, your crafting journey can be amazing!


How can I find aluminum vendors in Fallout 4?

In Fallout 4, you can find aluminum vendors by searching different places and talking to certain characters. Look in places like the fishery, vault 95, and the institute. Also, check industrial areas and gas stations for aluminum gas cans. If you choose the scrapper perk, you get more aluminum when you scrap weapons and armor.

Where can I find major merchants in Fallout 4?

Major places such as Diamond City, Bunker Hill, and Far Harbor have merchants that may sell aluminum. In Diamond City, Arturo Rodriguez sells aluminum in sets of 50. Merchants’ inventories change, affecting the prices of their goods. You can even set up your own stores in settlements with the Local Leader perk, broadening the choice of items you can buy.

Can I create my own merchants in Fallout 4?

Absolutely, in Fallout 4, players can put settlers in charge of shops in their settlements. This way, you can trade goods, which also includes aluminum. These merchants might focus on different types of items like general supplies or weapons. ‘Level 4’ or ‘tier 4’ merchants sell premium goods like legendary armors. The chance to meet unique merchants depends on your settlement’s size and finishing specific tasks.

Why is aluminum important in Fallout 4?

Aluminum is key in Fallout 4 for creating many items and upgrades. It’s critical for advancing in the game’s crafting features. You can find it by gathering aluminum cans and trays or by buying from sellers. A good aluminum source boosts your crafting abilities.

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