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Welcome to the world of Fallout 4, a place where staying alive means battling not only tough conditions but also radiation. In this post-apocalyptic setting, radiation is everywhere, making life dangerous for all who roam. To win in this world, you need to use the Radiant Resilience build in Fallout 4.

The core of this build is RadAway, which can clean radiation from your body. You can make it at a chemistry station with antiseptic, glowing fungus, plastic, and purified water. RadAway is key for surviving radiation.

Now, where do you get RadAway? You can find it in many places in the game. Look in first aid boxes, wooden crates, or on feral ghouls and Children of Atom. Also, sometimes you’ll get lucky and find some randomly in the wasteland.

RadAway is extremely useful, but be careful if you’re in Survival mode. Besides helping with radiation, it also brings some bad effects like fatigue, hunger, and a bigger chance of getting sick. So, use it only when you really need to.

Surviving means being clever. Besides RadAway, think of other ways to fight radiation. Drink water, eat mutant hound chops, use mysterious serum, or visit a doctor. Being resourceful is key to battling radiation sickness.

Start building your Fallout 4 resilience today. Use RadAway smartly, look for other ways to beat radiation, and stay tough. In the next section, we’ll dive into RadAway’s features to prepare you better for what’s to come.

Characteristics of RadAway in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, RadAway is key for those in the wasteland. It’s a bright orange solution that helps remove radiation. Knowing how RadAway works, how to make it, and where to find it boosts your survival skills.

RadAway is different from Rad-X as it doesn’t just raise your Radiation Resistance. It’s like a diuretic, requiring time to work. It clears some radiation from your body after you’ve been exposed. This gives temporary relief and cuts the harm.

The Potency of RadAway Effects

RadAway does more than just reduce radiation. It’s a strong diuretic, flushing out extra fluids and toxins. This two-in-one feature is great for fighting radiation sickness in Fallout 4’s tough world.

Mastering RadAway Crafting

You can make your own RadAway for better radiation control. Mix antiseptic, glowing fungus, plastic, and purified water at a chemistry station. Crafting RadAway means you can go into dangerous zones more prepared.

Making RadAway yourself saves you from only relying on what you can find or fight for. Being able to make it gives you a bigger RadAway stash. This means less effect from radiation on you.

Discovering RadAway Locations

Diving into the wasteland might also lead to finding RadAway by chance. Look everywhere in Fallout 4 for this useful item.

It often hides in first aid boxes and wooden crates. Plus, enemies like feral ghouls and the Children of Atom could have some on them. This keeps clever survivors stocked up.

Using both crafting and exploration boosts your RadAway supply. This helps fight radiation and improves your survival odds in Fallout 4’s dangerous spots.

The table below provides a summary of the characteristics, crafting requirements, and locations of RadAway in Fallout 4:

Characteristics Crafting Requirements Locations
An intravenous chemical solution Antiseptic, glowing fungus, plastic, purified water First aid boxes, wooden crates, feral ghouls, Children of Atom
Potent diuretic and radiation remover Chemistry station Wasteland exploration

Knowing RadAway well means you can use it effectively in Fallout 4. Proper use keeps you exploring and more likely to succeed in the game’s dangers.

Survival Tips for Dealing with Radiation in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, the Glowing Sea is highly radioactive and dangerous for players. It’s important to handle radiation well for survival. By using RadAway smartly and saving it for emergencies, players can live through these tough places.

Fallout 4 radiation survival tips:

  1. Use RadAway Sparingly: It’s wise to use RadAway carefully in Fallout 4. This medicine removes radiation but makes you tired, hungry, and more prone to sickness in Survival mode. Save it for when you really need it to keep a good stock.
  2. Alternative Remedies: Players have other ways to deal with radiation than just RadAway. Drinking certain liquids or eating mutant hound meat can help temporarily. The mysterious serum is also very effective. Getting help from doctors is another good option.

Knowing where to find RadAway is essential for managing radiation well. By searching certain locations, you’ll have what you need when radiation sickness strikes.

Locations where RadAway can be found:

  • Boston Mayoral Shelter: Going into this shelter underground might give you RadAway, helping you face the radioactive outdoors.
  • Mass Fusion Containment Shed: This place in The Commonwealth is full of useful items, including RadAway, for those who dare to explore.
  • The Yangtze: Deep in the waters of the Commonwealth, a Chinese submarine, The Yangtze, is a possible source of RadAway.

Mastering radiation management is key for surviving the Glowing Sea and similar places in Fallout 4. Use RadAway wisely, try other remedies, and keep track of important locations. These steps will help you beat radiation’s challenges in the game’s tough world.


In Fallout 4, learning how to use RadAway well is key to surviving radiation. By knowing how to make it, where to find it, and when to use it, players can stay safe. This is especially important in dangerous places like the Glowing Sea.

It’s wise to not use RadAway too quickly. Look for other ways to fight radiation. You can try things like special drinks, certain foods, or even finding help from doctors. Saving RadAway for tough times is very smart. This way, you’ll have it when it’s most important.

With smart planning and the ability to fight radiation, you can do well in Fallout 4. Don’t be afraid of the radiation. Instead, learn how to cope with it. This will help you succeed in this challenging world.


What is RadAway in Fallout 4?

RadAway is like a medicine in Fallout 4. It helps remove radiation from your character.

How can RadAway be obtained?

To get RadAway, you can make it at a chemistry station. You’ll need antiseptic, glowing fungus, plastic, and purified water. You can also find it in first aid boxes, wooden crates, or get it from feral ghouls or Children of Atom.

What are the negative effects of using RadAway in Survival mode?

In Survival mode, RadAway can make you tired, hungry, and more likely to get sick.

Are there alternatives to using RadAway for radiation sickness?

Yes, there are other ways to deal with radiation sickness in Fallout 4. You can drink a refreshing beverage, eat mutant hound chops, use a mysterious serum, or get help from a doctor.

How does RadAway work?

RadAway is given through a needle in the game. It’s orange and gets rid of radiation. It also makes you need to go to the toilet a lot. Unlike Rad-X, it doesn’t change your body’s ability to fight radiation.

Where can RadAway be found in Fallout 4?

You can find RadAway in many places. Look in first aid boxes, wooden crates, and on some enemies. Some specific spots include the Boston Mayoral Shelter, Mass Fusion Containment Shed, and the Yangtze.

How can players build a radiation-resistant character in Fallout 4?

To resist radiation in Fallout 4, players should use RadAway wisely and look for other ways to heal from radiation. They should also explore to find more RadAway. This way, they can stay safer in radioactive areas.

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