Fallout 4 Touchdown

Welcome to the exciting world of Fallout 4! Looking to achieve the Touchdown feat? You’re in the right place. Our guide, the Fallout 4 Trophy Walkthrough, is here to take you through the steps.

This guide is packed with the best tips for quick victory. We cover how to level up fast and make the most of your Pipboy. You’ll learn to find precious loot, improve your combat skills, and get good at lock picking and hacking.

But there’s more. We dive into crafting, showing how to make top weapons and armour. Plus, you can learn how to build and manage your settlements for success. It’s all about thriving in the game’s tough setting.

As you play, we help you find hidden treasures like bobbleheads and magazines. This enriches your gameplay with cool bonuses and lore. Our guide is for PS4 players but works for Xbox and PC players too.

Ready to start your journey in Fallout 4 and earn the Touchdown feat? Our comprehensive guide will steer you to success and that platinum trophy. Let’s score big in Fallout 4!

Basics of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a thrilling open-world game packed with adventures and challenges. Knowing the game’s mechanics and systems is key to your success in the post-apocalyptic world.

Leveling and Perks

In Fallout 4, gaining experience (XP) is vital for improving your character. You earn XP by doing quests, defeating foes, and visiting new places. This lets you level up and choose perks that match how you like to play the game. Planning your character’s perks carefully will help you do better in Fallout 4.

The Pipboy: Your Lifeline in the Wasteland

The Pipboy is a must for your journey in Fallout 4. It’s a helpful gadget that gives you quick view over your map, inventory, and quests. It also keeps you up to date with your stats and has radios for your entertainment. With the Pipboy, you’re equipped to handle the challenges of the wasteland.

Managing Carrying Capacity

Exploring is exciting, but you must watch what you carry. Looting is important, but you can’t carry everything. You have to decide what’s worth keeping, selling, or giving to others. To survive and explore efficiently, know your limits on what you can carry.

Finding Bobbleheads and Magazines

As you play, you’ll find awesome items like bobbleheads and magazines. Bobbleheads give your character powerful, permanent boosts. Magazines, however, provide smaller, but still very useful benefits. Be on the lookout for these items to help you in the wasteland.

Unlocking Doors and Safes

Lockpicking and hacking are valuable skills in Fallout 4. They let you into locked rooms or access well-guarded items. Getting good at these skills will up your exploration game and improve your chances of finding rare things.

Crafting and Upgrading

Crafting matters a lot in Fallout 4. You can make or improve your weapons, armour, and even build settlements. Scavenge for items in the environment to find things you need. Experimenting with crafting can make you tougher and give you a combat advantage.

Building and Maintaining Settlements

Settlements are your oasis in the tough world of Fallout 4. They need looking after to keep settlers happy. You must make sure they have enough food, water, and safe places to live. A happy settlement is a strong one.

Defending Your Settlements

The wasteland is full of dangers, and settlements can be attacked. Protect them by adding defences, giving settlers guard duty, and making sure they have weapons. Keeping your settlements safe is key to their growth and your settlers’ well-being.

Key Aspects of Fallout 4 Description
Leveling Earn XP, level up, and gain perks to enhance your character’s abilities.
The Pipboy Use the Pipboy to access your map, inventory, quests, stats, and radio stations.
Carrying Capacity Manage your weight limit by transferring items to companions or settlements.
Looting Search for valuable items, caps, and crafting materials by exploring the wasteland.
Bobbleheads and Magazines Collect permanent bonuses and smaller benefits to enhance your character’s abilities.
Picking Locks and Hacking Terminals Acquire valuable loot and access restricted areas by mastering these skills.
Crafting Create and upgrade weapons, armor, and furniture using scavenged resources.
Settlements Build and manage livable areas, ensuring food, water, defense, and beds for settlers.

Achievements and Progression in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 gives players many achievements to earn. These add up to 1,600 Gamerscore in total. The game uses achievements to show progress and skill.

Players can earn achievements by meeting various challenges in the game. This lets them prove how skilled and dedicated they are.

Story Quests and Side Quests

Playing through the main story and side quests gets players achievements. These tasks add depth to the game. They let players explore and understand the wasteland better.

Completing quests helps players reveal the story’s secrets.

Joining Factions

As players move forward, they can join different groups. These factions have their own goals and challenges. Being part of a faction affects the game’s story.

Players must make tough choices that influence the game’s world. Achieving faction goals earns special achievements.

Leveling and Progression

Gaining levels in Fallout 4 is important. It allows players to get stronger and learn new skills. The game rewards players as they level up.

This keeps the game interesting and challenging as players progress.

Settlement Management

Managing and growing settlements is a big part of the game. This brings its own set of achievements. Players can build, gather resources, and defend their settlements.

Success in settlement management means more achievements. It’s a way to advance in the game and feel accomplished.

Companions and Relationships

Recruiting and working with companions is a highlight in Fallout 4. Companions help in battles and add depth to the story. By helping companions and gaining their loyalty, players get unique achievements.

These achievements celebrate the strong bonds players form in the game.

Collectibles and Lore

The game world is full of interesting items to collect. These include bobbleheads and magazines. Each has a story and gives bonuses.

By finding and collecting these items, players learn more about the game. They also earn extra achievements.

Mop-up Achievements

There are also mop-up achievements for little tasks. These include picking locks and finding resources. They let players dive deeper into the game’s challenges.

Completing these tasks shows players’ resourcefulness.

In the end, Fallout 4 has achievements for every player. Whether it’s the main story, building settlements, or exploring with companions, achievements make every part of the game rewarding. They inspire players to enjoy and fully experience the game.


Fallout 4 takes you on a journey to a post-apocalyptic world. It’s filled with tension and thrilling experiences. This game has a huge map and lots to do. You can explore as much as you want and take your own path.

One great thing about Fallout 4 is the achievements. They make you feel good about what you’ve done. Also, they push you to try everything the game offers. You’ll find joy in leveling up, making settlements better, finding rare items, and solving quests.

Want to reach the highest goals in the game? Or maybe you dream of completing all objectives? Fallout 4 has something special for everyone. The deep world, the challenges waiting to be conquered, and the feeling of reward make it fun for all. So, jump into the action. Get ready for an amazing journey in Fallout 4.


What is Fallout 4 Trophy Walkthrough?

It’s a detailed guide to help players get the Touchdown feat in Fallout 4 easily. It takes players through the quickest path to platinum.

What aspects of the game does the guide cover?

The walkthrough includes many parts of the game. It talks about leveling up and using your Pipboy. It explains how to loot, pick locks, and hack terminals. Crafting, managing settlements, combat strategies, and finding bobbleheads and magazines are also discussed.

Is this guide only for the PS4 version?

While it’s made for the PS4 game version, it also works for Xbox and PC players.

How do players earn experience points in Fallout 4?

Players gain XP by doing many activities. These help them level up and choose new perks.

What is the Pipboy?

The Pipboy is a device that shows your map, items, and current tasks. It also tracks statistics and lets you listen to the radio.

Why is carrying capacity important?

It’s crucial because players have a limit on what they can carry. This limit affects how much they can travel without being weighed down.

What is the purpose of looting in the game?

Looting helps players find valuable items. They can get caps and crafting materials this way.

What are bobbleheads and magazines?

Bobbleheads give you long-lasting bonuses. Magazines boost your skills for a short while.

Why are picking locks and hacking terminals important?

These skills let you access hidden places. They help you find valuable items that are otherwise locked away.

What can be created through crafting?

You can make or improve weapons, armor, and even furniture with crafting.

What are settlements and how do they work?

Settlements are areas where people live. As a player, you must make sure they have enough food, water, beds, and defense. You also need to protect them from attacks.

What achievements are available in Fallout 4?

The game has achievements for many things. You can get awards for finishing quests, raising in levels, and building settlements. There are also awards for finding companions, bobbleheads, and magazines. Specific combat achievements are also available.

What types of quests are in the game?

There are main quests that move the story forward. And there are side quests which offer more background and fun challenges.

How can players progress through the game?

Players advance by improving their character, looking after settlements, and building friendships with companions.

What are collectibles and what benefits do they offer?

Collectibles like bobbleheads and magazines are scattered across the game. They provide bonuses and additional stories.

What are mop-up achievements?

Mop-up achievements are tasks like picking locks, hacking terminals, and collecting resources that you do towards the end of the game to finish off.

What does Fallout 4 offer in terms of gameplay and achievements?

Fallout 4 is open to explore and has lots to do. It’s full of action, decision-making, and adventure. Achievements mark your progress and success in the game.

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