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When it comes to boxing, a fighter’s reach matters a lot. It’s how long a fighter’s arms are, fingertip to fingertip. It’s like measuring a boxer’s wingspan. Usually, the taller you are, the longer your reach will be. But not always. The average reach in professional boxing is about 71 inches.

Want to find out how far you can reach? Take off your top and do some light cardio to warm up. Then, stretch your arms and shoulders. Get a friend to check the distance from one fingertip to the other.

Arm length is different. It’s the distance from your shoulder to your fist. Reach matters more though. It looks at your back and shoulder length too. This matters because it affects how far you can hit someone. If your reach is long, you can hit an opponent from farther away. This gives you a big edge in the ring.

Utilizing a Long Reach in UFC 4

If you have a longer reach in UFC 4, there are strategies to maximise it. It’s vital to have good footwork. This allows you to move fast and stay ready for attack or defence.

Using straight punches is key. You get to use the full span of your arm. Balance and avoiding being too predictable is crucial. Switching your boxing style up can surprise opponents and up your chances of winning.

Working on your footwork means focusing on being agile and moving quickly. This lets you cover more area and keep your foe guessing.

Being able to move in and out quickly is a big plus for those with long arms. You can hit from far away and get back to safety fast.

Straight punches are a must for you. Jabs and crosses should be executed with accuracy and power. They let you strike from a distance. Utilising your full arm length makes it hard for short-armed rivals to come back at you.

But, keep in mind footwork and punches are just the start for long reach fighters. You must not be too predictable. Opponents can figure out when and how you move, making them ready to hit back. Changing your boxing style can keep them off guard. Mix up your tactics to surprise them. This could be moving between defending and attacking, like a counterpuncher or a tough brawler, to keep them guessing.

It’s great to have a long reach in UFC 4, but it means you’ve got to work harder. Mastering footwork, using straight punches well, and varying boxing styles will boost your odds of winning in the ring. Seize the advantages of having a long reach, and be a strong contender in UFC 4.

Strategies Benefits
Developing good footwork – Quick movements
– Agility
– Maintaining distance
Utilizing straight punches – Full utilization of reach
– Difficulty for opponents to counter
Switching up boxing styles – Keeping opponents guessing
– Maintaining unpredictability

Making the Most of a Short Reach in UFC 4

If you have a shorter reach in UFC 4, don’t despair. There are smart moves and techniques to help you win in the octagon. To tackle a longer reach, you need a well-thought-out game plan.

Fighting Inside: Don’t Let the Reach Advantage Hold You Back

Fighting inside is key against opponents with a longer reach. By getting in close, you reduce their space to hit you hard. This approach makes them fight on your terms. So, you get to throw big punches while staying safe.

Bobbing and Weaving: Closing the Distance with Defensive Agility

Bobbing and weaving helps you avoid getting hit while getting closer. Move your head and dodge to make your opponent’s punches miss. This not only keeps you safe but also opens a chance to strike back when they least expect it.

The Double Jab: Setting Up Opportunities for Successful Strikes

The double jab is your friend when you have a shorter reach. Moving in while throwing two jabs confuses your opponent. It sets the stage for more hits from you. So, use the double jab to your advantage to turn the tables in your favour.

“Having a shorter reach doesn’t mean you’re at a disadvantage. It’s all about finding your own unique strategy and exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses.”

Remember, UFC 4 isn’t just about reach. It’s about clever strategies like fighting inside, dodging with bobbing and weaving, and the double jab. With the right mindset and these tactics, you can beat the reach odds in the octagon.


Reach is key in UFC 4, influencing the outcome of boxing matches significantly. Fighters with longer arms hold a clear advantage. They can hit their opponents from a safer distance. This makes it hard for their rivals to land hits.

Fighters with shorter arms shouldn’t lose hope. They can make up for it with the right tactics. Moving well on their feet helps them get close to their opponent. This technique gives them a chance to land powerful punches. Also, they can use straight punches effectively to make the most of their reach. This makes opponents have to fight at a closer range.

Changing their boxing style can also work in their favour. By mixing up their approach, they can keep their opponents guessing. This can help them overcome the disadvantage of a shorter reach. Dodging punches and quickly moving in can lead to openings for winning shots.

Adding the double jab trick to their moves can also help short-reach fighters. This sudden two-punch strike can surprise their opponent. It’s all about the right timing and aim. It lets fighters get past the disadvantage of their opponent’s longer reach.

In UFC 4, reach is important but not unbeatable for those with less reach. With clever footwork, punch choices, and the ability to adapt boxing styles, they can win. They can use strategies like dodging and throwing a double jab to their advantage. Thus, fighters with a shorter reach can compete on equal ground and find success in the octagon.


How is reach measured in boxing?

Reach is the total length of a boxer’s arms, fingertip to fingertip.

What is the average reach in professional boxing?

In professional boxing, the average reach is about 71 inches.

How do I measure my own reach?

First, take off any upper body clothes. Then, do some light exercise to get loose. Stretch out your arms and shoulders. Finally, have someone measure across your outstretched arms.

What is the difference between reach and arm length?

Reach includes the span of the back and shoulders. Arm length is just from the shoulder to fist in one arm.

Do fighters with longer reach have an advantage in boxing?

Yes, longer reach means a fighter can hit from farther away. This is a big advantage over someone with shorter arms.

How can I make the most of a long reach in UFC 4?

Good footwork and straight punches help. Also, keep your balance. Changing your boxing style and staying unpredictable are key.

What strategies can I use if I have a shorter reach in UFC 4?

Get close to your opponent and move around them to avoid hits. Using the double jab is useful. It helps fight from a distance.

Is having a short reach a disadvantage in UFC 4?

Short reach doesn’t mean you can’t win. With the right moves, even a fighter with short arms can do well.

How does reach impact the outcome of a boxing match in UFC 4?

Reach is key. It decides who can hit from further away. This often predicts who wins.

What are the advantages of having a longer reach in UFC 4?

Long reach lets you hit your opponent before they get close. It gives a good sparring and fighting distance advantage.

What are the strategies for success in UFC 4 regardless of reach?

Good footwork and using straight punches work for everyone. Also, changing your boxing style, moving around, and the double jab are smart strategies.

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