How to Do BJJ Sweeps in UFC 4

BJJ sweeps are key for anyone starting out. They boost your ground control and are handy for self-defence. For those into UFC 4 or wanting to up your grappling game, learning how to sweep can really help.

There are three main sweeps you should try to get good at: the scissor sweep, the hip bump sweep, and the flower sweep. They are very effective at turning weaker positions into strong ones. This lets you control how the fight goes.

The scissor sweep works by throwing your opponent off balance. The hip bump sweep moves you from a weak position in guard to full mount with a strong hip thrust. And, the flower sweep uses careful hip movements to unsettle and move your opponent. This helps you get on top.

Getting good at these sweeps will make a big difference in your ground game. In UFC 4’s octagon, it can help you beat opponents. Let’s look closer at each sweep and what it takes to do them well.

Mastering the Scissor Sweep in BJJ

The scissor sweep is key for white belts in BJJ to learn. It’s great for getting the upper hand and changing a match’s course. By using the scissor sweep, you can mess with the fight’s direction from being trapped in the guard. You might even make your opponent give up.

Step 1: Set Up the Scissor Sweep

Start in the closed guard with your legs round your opponent’s body. Grab hold of their collar and sleeve tightly. This helps you control how they move. Put your knee in the middle. This knee guard gives you a strong base to work the sweep.

Step 2: Disrupt Your Opponent’s Balance

To start the sweep, pull your opponent’s sleeve close to you. This throws them off balance. Drive your knee shield towards them. This makes it hard for them to stay steady.

Step 3: Execute the Scissor Sweep

When they are off balance, it’s time to sweep. Kick off with your knee shield leg. Pull your other leg across to sweep them off their feet. This motion is like a pair of scissors. And it’s powerful.

Keep a tight grip on their collar. They should end up on their side. You’re in control.

Step 4: Establish Dominant Position

After the sweep, you’re in a strong position on top. This could be side control, mount, or back control. From here, you can guide the match.

Learning the scissor sweep takes time and practice. But it’s worth it. This move lets you change the game’s flow and get in a position of power.

Executing the Hip Bump Sweep in BJJ

The hip bump sweep is a crucial technique in BJJ, especially for beginners. It moves you from the closed guard to the full mount. This change gives you a big advantage in the fight.

To begin, secure a closed guard on your opponent. Then, make them put their hands on the mat. You can trick them with a move, or use your force to lower their posture.

Next, sit up to start the sweep. Push off the mat with one hand. With the other, grab your opponent’s elbow to stop them from using that arm. This blocks their defence during the sweep.

Now, do the hip bump move. Push your hips forward into your opponent. This action, quick and unexpected, tips them off balance. They will fall backward.

While they are falling, keep control of their arm. This lets you easily move into the full mount position. From here, you can keep attacking or take a commanding position in the fight.

The hip bump sweep works on foes of any size. To perform it well, you need good timing, skill, and body control. Regular practice is key. With time and effort, you will master this move.

Learning sweeps like the hip bump is key to being better at BJJ on the ground. Keep practicing to get better. Soon, you’ll confidently and precisely use various sweeps.

Utilizing the Flower Sweep in BJJ

The flower sweep, known also as the pendulum sweep in BJJ, is a game-changer. It lets you shift your opponent from a strong top position to a weaker bottom one. This gives you the upper hand with a clever move.

Start by grabbing your opponent’s sleeve on the same side. This grip is key for controlling their arm and stopping them from countering the sweep. With this grip, turn your torso sharply to build the sweep’s power.

Then, reach with your other hand to grip their pants. This extra grip adds more stability as you perform the sweep. With both grips set, use the leg on the opposite side of their trapped arm. Swing it over and kick up towards your head to start the sweep.

Roll your opponent over with force to throw off their balance. This helps you jump into the stronger top position. From here, you’re ready to control the fight or make your next move. The flower sweep is not just about gaining control. It also stops your foe from using defence moves on the ground.

Perfecting the flower sweep takes time and effort. Focus on fine-tuning your hip movement and learn the right timing. With the flower sweep part of your BJJ game plan, you’ll better control matches and beat opponents however they stand against you.

Flower Sweep Step-by-Step:

  1. Establish same-side grips on your opponent’s sleeve.
  2. Twist your upper torso and grip your opponent’s pants.
  3. Swing your leg on the side of the trapped sleeve, kicking it up towards your head.
  4. Forcefully roll your opponent over to establish top position.

The flower sweep is a flexible move suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced fighters. It relies on technique more than strength, making it a powerful skill to learn. With the flower sweep under your belt, you can boost your BJJ skills, increasing your success potential on the mat.

Advantages Disadvantages
Effective in transferring top position to bottom position Requires precise timing and hip rotation
Restricts your opponent’s defensive options Can be countered by experienced opponents
Can be used against opponents of all sizes Requires proper grip control


Learning BJJ sweeps is key in UFC 4. If you’re starting out or already skilled, focus on basics. Moves like the scissor sweep or hip bump sweep will help you control the fight on the ground.

These sweeps aren’t just for getting into a better position. They are also great for throwing off your opponent’s balance. Practice these moves regularly to get better at them in UFC 4.

Using these sweeps in your fights will make you stand out. Improve your skills, and you can control and win against any opponent. The secret to winning big in UFC 4 is to master BJJ sweeps.


What are BJJ sweeps?

BJJ sweeps are moves that help switch from a bad spot to a good one on the ground. They’re great for self-defence. And they make you better at controlling the ground in games like UFC 4.

Why should BJJ beginners focus on mastering basic sweeps?

Beginners in BJJ should learn basic sweeps well. This helps them control fights on the ground. It makes them stronger at fighting opponents in games like UFC 4.

What are the fundamental sweeps to master in BJJ?

In BJJ, key sweeps to learn are scissor, hip bump, and flower sweep. They help mess up your opponent’s balance. Then, they let you get into a better spot.

How do you execute the scissor sweep in BJJ?

For a scissor sweep, start by grabbing your foe’s collar and sleeve. You do this from a closed guard. Make a knee shield and yank their sleeve toward you to unbalance them. Use a scissor-like leg movement to sweep them aside. This lets you get to the top position.

What is the hip bump sweep in BJJ?

The hip bump sweep is important too. It makes your rival put their hands on the mat from a closed guard. Sit up, pushing off the mat with a hand, and trap their elbow. Then, push your hips at them hard to create the force needed for a sweep. You’ll end up in a better position.

How do you execute the flower sweep in BJJ?

The flower sweep needs a lot of hip action. It flips your opponent over, moving them from top to bottom. Grab their sleeve and twist your upper body. Use your other hand to hold their pants. Lift your leg towards your head and kick it up. Your strong action should roll your opponent over. This puts you in a winning spot.

Why should BJJ practitioners incorporate sweeps into their game plan?

Sweeps give BJJ players an edge. They make you better at controlling the ground. This lets you beat opponents more effectively in games like UFC 4.

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