Best Fallout 4 Melee Weapon

In Fallout 4, a strong melee weapon is key to staying alive. There’s a wide range of weapons to pick from. But, some truly shine with their powerful hits and special features. Below, we explore the top choices for melee weapons in Fallout 4.

Kellogg’s Pistol: The Deadly Revolver

Kellogg’s Pistol is a powerful revolver in Fallout 4. It has high damage and good accuracy. This makes it great for fighting up close or from a bit far.

It’s a favourite because it can kill enemies with a single shot. What makes it different is that a critical hit refills your Action Points (AP). This lets you shoot more in a short time, dealing a lot of damage.

But, Kellogg’s Pistol uses .44 rounds, which are not very easy to find. So, players need to be careful with their ammo.

In short, Kellogg’s Pistol is great for those who want a reliable and powerful melee weapon. It hits hard, refills AP on critical hits, and works well in battles. It’s a top choice for many players.

Kellogg’s Pistol

Weapon Name Damage Range Accuracy Ammo Type Special Ability
Kellogg’s Pistol High Decent Accurate .44 rounds Refill AP on critical hit

The table shows Kellogg’s Pistol has great damage, range, and accuracy. It uses .44 rounds that aren’t easy to get, but its special feature is amazing. When you get a critical hit, your Action Points (AP) are refilled.

Righteous Authority: The Laser Rifle of Justice

In Fallout 4, the Righteous Authority is more than just a gun. It stands out with its unique features. These make it especially valuable in the game.

The rifle can shoot two bullets for the cost of one. This feature is what truly makes it a game-changer. It helps players defeat enemies quickly and efficiently.

The Righteous Authority uses fusion cells as its ammo. These are easier to find than other types, like .44 rounds. So, you can use this laser rifle a lot without fear of running low on ammo.

It’s also great at increasing the damage of critical hits. This makes it perfect for players who use VATS a lot. They can deal with their enemies much more effectively.

With some upgrades and the right skills, this rifle gets even better. Players can unlock its full potential. This turns it into a weapon that can dominate the battlefield.

Feel the might of the Righteous Authority in your hands. It’s about more than power. It stands for righting wrongs, with precision and strength.

“The Righteous Authority is a true force to be reckoned with. Its efficiency, reliability, and increased critical hit damage make it one of the most powerful laser rifles in Fallout 4.” – Lone Wanderer

Grognak’s Axe: The Brutal Brawler

Grognak’s Axe is a famous melee weapon in Fallout 4. It’s loved by players who enjoy fighting up close. The weapon is modelled after Grognak the Barbarian. It combines high damage and special features for close fights.

This Axe has a unique ability to cause staggering. With a swing, your enemy might be staggered. This stops their attack, giving you a big advantage in the fight. It’s especially useful against tough enemies or lots of foes at once.

Besides staggering, the Axe does a lot of damage. It can easily cut through enemies, dealing powerful hits. Every move with Grognak’s Axe feels like you’re using immense force.

“The weight of Grognak’s Axe in your hands, the sound of metal meeting flesh, the triumph that comes with overpowering your foes – it’s an exhilarating experience that any melee warrior in Fallout 4 shouldn’t miss.”

Hubris Comics is where you’ll find this amazing weapon. It’s kept in a locked case behind the counter. You might need to pick the lock or do some hacking to get it. But the strength it brings is truly worth the effort.

Once you obtain Grognak’s Axe, you’ve got a powerful ally. It helps you defeat enemies, keeps you safe, and is vital for any melee fighter.


Fallout 4 has amazing melee weapons perfect for mastering the Wasteland. Kellogg’s Pistol, the laser rifle Righteous Authority, and Grognak’s Axe stand out. They offer big damage, special skills, and are tough during fights.

Each weapon is great in its own way. But, the best pick depends on how you play and what you like. Think about your fighting style and what each weapon does well or not so well.

With the top melee weapons in Fallout 4, you can rule the Wasteland. They let you do huge damage far off, stun foes with powerful hits, or keep on attacking. These tools are vital for winning tough battles.


What is the best melee weapon in Fallout 4?

The best melee weapon in Fallout 4 is different for each player. Top picks include Kellogg’s Pistol, Righteous Authority, and Grognak’s Axe.

What makes Kellogg’s Pistol a powerful melee weapon?

Kellogg’s Pistol packs a punch with its high damage and good range. It refills your Action Points (AP) on a critical hit, making it more deadly in VATS. Just remember, it needs .44 rounds for ammo.

Why is Righteous Authority a standout melee weapon?

Righteous Authority is a standout because of its laser power. It shoots two bullets with every pull of the trigger, using common fusion cells. It also boosts critical damage and ups the chance of a critical hit in VATS.

What makes Grognak’s Axe a must-have melee weapon?

Grognak’s Axe is a must if you like getting up close. It deals a lot of damage and can stun foes. You can find it at Hubris Comics, behind a locked counter.

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