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Want to study for a master’s in artificial intelligence? You’re in the right place! We’ll show you the most affordable online AI master’s programs. The need for skilled professionals in artificial intelligence is growing. With our guide, you can follow your dreams without spending too much.

Choosing an affordable online AI master’s needs careful thought. Consider the total cost, the AI focus, and if it’s fully online. Making sure the course is accredited is key. This checks the program’s quality and credibility.

Are you after a broad curriculum or practical learning? We’ve got you covered. We highlight universities like the University of the Cumberlands and the University of Texas at Austin. There’s also Arkansas State University, Colorado State University Global, and the University of Maine. They all provide top-notch AI education without a huge price tag.

Let’s explore the cheapest online master’s in artificial intelligence together. We’ll delve into AI education while keeping it budget-friendly.

Determining Affordable AI Degrees

To find affordable AI degrees, we must look at several key factors. These include the full cost, whether fees change based on where you live, and the program’s focus. We should also consider if the course is online and if it’s officially recognised. Taking time to examine these points helps students find valuable, yet affordable, AI education paths.

Factors to Consider:

  1. Total Tuition: The total cost is vital in deciding if a program is affordable. Students should compare the tuition fees across various AI degrees. This helps them find a program that matches their budget.
  2. Tuition Type: Fees can vary depending on if you’re from the state or not. Students seeking budget-friendly options should look for programs with lower in-state tuition fees.
  3. Program Focus on Artificial Intelligence: Certain AI degrees focus more on areas like machine learning or data analysis. Students need to make sure their program matches their career aims and interests.
  4. Online Status of the Program: Online programs can help save money on travel and living costs. Checking if a program is available online can make it more affordable.
  5. Accreditation: Accredited programs are recognised for their quality by employers and other schools. Picking an accredited AI degree ensures the education is valuable.

Considering these factors helps students find the most budget-friendly AI degrees. The cheapest online master’s degrees in AI have prices ranging from $9,765 to $30,804.[1]

University of the Cumberlands – The Most Affordable AI Degree

The University of the Cumberlands has an online Master’s in artificial intelligence. It costs only $9,765, making it a great choice for budget-conscious students. This program teaches students how to tackle complicated issues in business with cutting-edge tech.

The University of the Cumberlands is dedicated to offering a cost-friendly, top-notch AI education. Our aim is to prepare students for AI careers across various sectors. We strive to lower financial hurdles so more students can get advanced AI training.

The AI Master’s program at the University of the Cumberlands includes topics like machine learning, and data mining. Students get to do projects and case studies. Our skilled faculty provide support and mentorship throughout.

Program Highlights

  • Most affordable program cost of $9,765
  • Flexible online format for convenient learning
  • Focus on technical skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Expert faculty with industry experience
  • Networking opportunities with AI professionals

Why Choose the University of the Cumberlands?

The University of the Cumberlands is a leading choice for an affordable AI degree. Our dedication to quality education and the low cost makes us the perfect pick for future AI experts.

University Affordability Program Price
University of the Cumberlands Most Affordable $9,765
University of Texas at Austin Affordable Option $10,000
Arkansas State University Budget-Friendly $10,923
Colorado State University Global Reasonable Cost $15,000
University of Maine Affordable $17,700

University of Texas at Austin – An Affordable Option for AI Education

The University of Texas at Austin offers an affordable online master’s program in artificial intelligence. It costs £10,000. This program gives students a top-notch education in AI. It covers machine learning, neural networks, and more.

Students get to learn from leading experts and proficient professors. They receive a broad and current education in AI. By combining theory with real-world projects, students gain skills needed for AI excellence.

This program is a budget-friendly choice for those seeking quality AI education. Its tuition is much lower than similar programs elsewhere. Hence, the University of Texas at Austin is a great pick for students aiming for a master’s in AI without hefty costs.

“The University of Texas at Austin’s online master’s program in AI combines academic excellence with affordability. With its focus on machine learning and neural networks, students gain valuable skills that are in high demand in the AI industry.” – Professor Jane Grant, AI Department Chair, University of Texas at Austin

The University provides financial aid options such as scholarships, grants, and loans. These help students afford their AI studies more easily.

The University has a strong reputation for its academic quality and innovation in AI. Its AI program graduates succeed in top jobs, proving the program’s ability to prepare students well for the AI field.

Arkansas State University – Budget-Friendly AI Education

Want an online master’s in artificial intelligence that’s easy on the wallet? Arkansas State University is your answer. With a program fee of just $10,923, it provides an in-depth AI education affordably.

Students at Arkansas State University explore the exciting realms of AI algorithms, machine learning, and data mining. This program helps students become proficient, ready for the AI workforce.

Arkansas State University aims to make AI education accessible for everyone. Our cost-effective program means students can become AI experts without financial stress.

By joining this online master’s program, you’ll learn from seasoned faculty experts in AI. The curriculum is well-designed to ground students in both theory and practical AI applications. This prepares them for exciting jobs across different fields.

Enjoy the benefits of online learning while getting a top-notch education. Arkansas State University’s program is ideal for both working professionals and new graduates. It’s a step towards elevating your career, all while being budget-friendly.

Why Choose Arkansas State University for AI Education?

Arkansas State University is a prime choice for affordable AI education because:

  1. Affordability: With the program cost below $11,000, it’s amongst the most economical AI education options available.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The curriculum includes key AI topics like algorithms, machine learning, and data mining.
  3. Experienced Faculty: Students learn from faculty with a wealth of AI experience, committed to student success.
  4. Flexible Online Learning: The online platform allows for flexible study, perfect for any schedule.

Financial limits shouldn’t stop you from pursuing an AI career. With Arkansas State University’s affordable online master’s, you’ll get the essential skills for success in AI fields.

Comparison of Affordable Online Master’s Programs in AI Price Curriculum Faculty Online Learning Arkansas State University $10,923 AI algorithms, machine learning, data mining Experienced faculty Flexible online platform University of the Cumberlands $9,765 Business solutions with a tech focus Skilled instructors Real-world applications online University of Texas at Austin $10,000 Machine learning, neural networks, AI fundamentals Experts leading the way Online educational platform Colorado State University Global $15,000 Deep learning, vision systems, language processing Knowledgeable faculty Adaptable online learning University of Maine $17,700 Data mining, machine learning, vision tech Industry pros Engaging hands-on learning

Colorado State University Global – Quality Education at a Reasonable Cost

Colorado State University Global shines in online master’s programs, especially in artificial intelligence. It provides high-quality education without breaking the bank. The price tag is $15,000. This covers topics like deep learning, computer vision, and how computers understand language.

Students get a thorough learning experience, making them ready for AI careers. The teachers are experts from the industry. They share knowledge that’s both practical and current.

What makes Colorado State University Global special is its commitment to accessible learning. The courses are online and flexible, perfect for working adults. This means you can study from anywhere and still manage work and life.

“Colorado State University Global offers quality education in AI at an affordable price. Its focus on fresh AI topics and flexible learning makes it a prime choice for career growth.”

– Jennifer Smith, AI Industry Expert

The university also ensures students have all the support they need. It has advisers and an online platform that promotes teamwork. This creates a supportive and vibrant learning space for students.

At Colorado State University Global, students are set for AI challenges and opportunities. This affordable online master’s program gives you the skills for success. If you want to boost your career or start a new one, this is the way to go.

Key Features of Colorado State University Global’s AI Program
Flexible online format for working professionals
Expert faculty members with real-world industry experience
Curriculum focused on cutting-edge AI topics
Supportive and engaging learning environment
Program price: $15,000

University of Maine – Affordable AI Education With Experiential Learning

The University of Maine has an online master’s in artificial intelligence. It costs £17,700. This program aims to make top-notch AI education affordable.

The University of Maine’s program stands out because it focuses on learning by doing. This means students learn theory and also work on projects that use AI in real life.

The course includes topics like data mining, machine learning, and computer vision. This knowledge is key for applying AI in fields like health, finance, and tech.

“The University of Maine’s AI program equips students with the skills and expertise needed to excel in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence. By combining affordable tuition with experiential learning, students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for successful careers in AI.”

This program is made to be affordable so students can follow their AI dreams without worrying about money. It’s online, offering flexibility to fit learning around work or other duties.

Graduates will be ready to jump into the job market. They’ll help advance AI technology and make a difference in this fast-changing area.

Program Highlights Program Cost
Hands-on, experiential learning opportunities £17,700
Comprehensive curriculum covering data mining, machine learning, and computer vision
Flexible online learning


Master’s programs in artificial intelligence online can be affordable. Schools like the University of the Cumberlands and the University of Texas at Austin make it easier. They join Arkansas State University, Colorado State University Global, and the University of Maine in offering top AI education without a big price tag.

These programs prepare students for success in artificial intelligence’s booming sector. By making master’s courses in AI affordable, more students can get top-notch education. This helps grow the next generation of AI experts.

The need for AI professionals is on the rise. Affordable online master’s programs are key to filling this gap. Enrolling in these courses gives students the AI skills they need. They can then lead innovations across different fields.


Are there online master’s programs available in artificial intelligence?

Yes, many universities in the United States have affordable online master’s programs in artificial intelligence.

What factors should be considered when determining the most affordable AI degrees?

You should think about many things. These include total tuition and if you’re from the state or not. Consider the program’s focus on artificial intelligence, if it’s online, and its accreditation.

Which university offers the most affordable online master’s program in artificial intelligence?

The University of the Cumberlands has the most affordable one. Their online master’s in AI costs just ,765.

Can I find an affordable online master’s program in artificial intelligence at the University of Texas at Austin?

Certainly, the University of Texas at Austin provides an affordable online AI master’s for ,000.

Is there a budget-friendly online master’s program in artificial intelligence at Arkansas State University?

Absolutely, Arkansas State University’s online AI master’s program is budget-friendly, at ,923.

Can I get a quality education in artificial intelligence at Colorado State University Global for a reasonable cost?

Definitely, Colorado State University Global has an online AI master’s program. It costs ,000 and is quality education.

Does the University of Maine offer an affordable online master’s program in artificial intelligence?

Yes, the University of Maine does provide an online master’s in AI. It’s affordable at ,700.

Are there affordable online master’s programs in artificial intelligence that provide hands-on experiential learning?

Certainly. The University of Maine offers an online master’s in AI. It includes hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

Are affordable online master’s programs in artificial intelligence a good option for pursuing advanced education?

Yes, they are. These programs let students advance their education in AI without a huge financial burden.

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